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Jul 23, 2004



The sorrow runs deep in New Jersey. It became official yesterday that Kenyon Martin is leaving the Nets. The reason: the Nets wouldn"t match the Nuggets" $80 million offer, $23 million up front.Maybe I"m a few million off on my numbers, but what"s a few mill among  friends when it comes to a guy who averages double-figures in points and rebounds.Already, it is projected that 3,000 people will not renew their Nets" season tickets because they are mad that Kenyon Martin is leaving. Since the average season ducat is $8,000, the Nets will lose more than $23 million in revenue right there. One Jersey sports writer makes the following point. If the Nets kept Kenyon Martin, like they should have, he would get the $20 million up front, and everyone would be happy. Allow this Jersey sports writer to take a different slant. What possesses anyone to shell out $8,000 for basketball tickets, thereby subsidizing these $80 million players? In case you missed it, here are some other recently-signed NBA contracts: Adonal Foyle, he of the three-point and three-rebound average, was rewarded with $42 million by the Warriors. Mark Blount, who last year averaged double-figures for the first time in his four-year career, also nailed $42 million from the Celtics. Where do I go to buy a ticket for Celtics-Warriors, the battle of the $42 million men? Hedo Turkoglu, a pure shooter, who, on a good night, goes 5-for-13, signed for $39 million. Brian Cardinal, who averaged a career-high nine points last year, also gets $39 million. But my favorite is Mehmet Okur, a Turkish import who rode the pine for the Pistons last year. Utah gave him $50 million. And you thought Chris Dudley was stealing money all those years. Oh, I almost forgot Etan Thomas. One of my personal favorites. Etan boasts averages of six points and five rebounds for a three-year career. He got $38 million from Milwaukee. And don"t forget good old Antonio McDyess. For running up and down a basketball court, he gets $23 million from Phoenix. Of course the best of all time has to be Allen Houston. This is a guy who has made exactly one all-star team in his NBA career, and he got $100 million. Again, my quarrel is not with these players. If someone wants to give Allen Houston $100 million, more power to him. I just think that some people could find a better use  for their $8,000 than paying his salary. Other tidbits: Remember rock star Bob Brennan, who was convicted for a security rap? Brennan still has six years left to serve, and he"s serving his time in a maximum-security military facility at Fort Dix, N.J.  In the meantime, Garden State Park, the south Jersey racetrack for the 21st Century that Brennan built in the "80s, has been completely demolished. The land eventually will be used for condos and malls. The Es will be shown Sunday night on ESPN. Actually, the show was taped Wednesday night, and the only racing winner was Stewart Elliott for top jockey. Ironically, the three riders he beat out were Jerry Bailey, Alex Solis and Edgar Prado, the three guys who combined to get Elliott beat in the Belmont. Hard to believe that Seabiscuit lost for best sports movie. More on Prado later...

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