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Anyone with common sense can succeed at turf speculation. The one proviso is the willingness and ability to do a few simple things that must be done if success is to reward our efforts. In order to earn consistent profits in this field, one must be capable of recognizing a good investment when it occurs and willing and able to wait for these worthwhile investments.

It is advisable to roughly define our meaning of a good investment. No horse is worth backing if its prevailing odds are lower than 2-1. And that stands regardless of how well the horse may figure. In our own operations, we never back a horse at odds of less than 3-1. We know before we begin that we shall be very fortunate if 45 percent of the horses we select and back live up to expectations. Hence, we must get odds of at least 3-1 in order to earn enough to repay us for the time and work involved.

The second qualification of a good wager

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