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Welcome to the computer software version of Pro Rated Longshots. The PRL Software is based on Dan Geer’s original, time-tested handicapping masterpiece, Pro Rated Longshots. This software also incorporates PRL Plus, the 1999 update to Pro Rated Longshots written by racing analyst Al Smallman (and approved by Dan Geer).
While this software can be used easily as a "stand alone" system, you may want to consider purchasing Geer’s original volume, and/or the PRL Plus supplement in order to understand more completely the concepts PRL employs for selecting longshots. For users who elect not to purchase Geer’s original Pro Rated Longshots book or the PRL Plus supplement, we’ll outline the fundamentals of the PRL methodology below.
The Principles of Pro Rated Longshots
No matter what your level of computer handicapping literacy, it is helpful to understand the basic principles of Dan Geer’s Pro Rated Longshots as well as the refinements to Geer’s original system that are set forth by Al Smallman in his PRL Plus supplement. The PRL software incorporates both Dan Geer’s original methodology and the added rules developed by Al Smallman.
Dan Geer’s original Pro Rated Longshots is a mechanical longshot selection method based on the following four factors:
  • Recent racing activity
  • An out-of-the-money finish in the horse’s last race
  • A competitive effort at some point in one or more of the horse’s three most recent races
  • Morning line odds of the horse under consideration must be 5-1 or higher
Al Smallman’s PRL Plus supplement introduced several powerful refinements to Geer’s original methodology. Smallman’s refinements addressed a basic problem with Geer’s original system, namely, that too many races had too many PRL-qualified horses in them. Smallman developed his refinements only after years of testing and a major workout of results at Emerald Downs in the summer of 1998.
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